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Ecuador is located in northern east of South America. It is divided in four naturals regions: the Coast, the Mountain, the East and the Insular Region, which let enjoy a huge variety of climates; from the warmest seaside to the coldest as his snow covered mountaintop. As it is crossed by the Ecuadorian line, his territory is divided in two hemispheres: North and South, and thanks to the Andes Cordillera his place is worldwide unique.

Thanks to its geographic location, it is possible to appreciate a huge ecosystems variety, from the driest place as the Machalilla National Park, to the rainiest or … as the Cajas National Park. The ecosystem’s diversity allowed the development of  thousands  flora and fauna species, and lots of them are worldwide unique.  This is an utmost factor which has contributed to make Ecuador´s reputation being an example of wildlife country.

odontoglossum matanguense


As shows the amazing flora, more than, 10 thousand species of plants exist in the Ecuadorian mountain range, 8 200 vegetable species come from the Amazonia, and at least 4000 species belong to the orchids group. That´s the reason why Ecuador is owner of the 8% of animals species and the 18% of worldwide birds. In order to protect naturals places the Ecuadorian State declared the existence of 25 protected naturals’ areas



More than our country´s natural wealth, you would be able to appreciate his cultural richness. In Ecuador, 14 natives nationality lives with their different habits, languages and traditions. Concerning languages in Ecuador, Spanish, Quichua and Shuar are the most spoken. 


 Patrick Huillet from France, April 2017
Jacques Fernandez´s group from France, April. 2013
 Patrick Huillet, Jacques Fernandez, Alain Vandais
 Patrick Huillet

Patrick Huillet and Cyrtochilum serratum
 Jacques Fernandez´s group from France, Nov. 2011

Jacques Fernandez
Jacques Fernandez, Guy and Marie Christine
San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

 Jacques Fernandez´s group from France, Nov. 2010
Quito, Ecuador, Orchid tour
Tour Jacques Fernandez
Tour MundiFlora
Tour MundiFlora
Mundiflora tour
Lars Pederden from Denmark, Nov. 2010 (Phragmipedium besseae insitu)


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