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Mundiflora, is a familiar company, which aim is the reproduction and the commercialization of plants and flowers for the national and the international market.



We deal with about 30 anturios variety for cut flowers and lowering plants and  huge natives and foreigners orchids variety.


It is important to enhance that Mundiflora is a company  that goes into the Regulations and Vigentes laws in Ecuador, thanks to this, it obtained the Scientist Permit of Investigation given from the Minister of the Environment of Ecuador (MAE) for the Wild Flora  rescue. Thanks to this permit, our company will nearly be able to offer you a better diversity of plants, which one will be reproduced and cultivated in our nursery. We  have to emphasize that our goal is not only to increase economic benefits, indeed the company has promised to reintroduce about 10% of the species that it reproduced into the natural environment, in order to help their saving and conservation.


Ecuador is huge wild diversified country, in which you can appreciate amazing naturals landscapes and more than 4000 natives orchids species which deserve to be seen.  That’s why, Mundiflora invite every nature lovers to visit and admire our natural wealth, and put under your consideration touristic guide service.





Molleturo via Guayaquil




Volcan Cotopaxi




Mundiflora is a model of familiar company for which homes have become a place of nature and beauty through flowers and ornaments plant, obtained by an efficient quality process, using efficient brand new reproductive technology, in harmony with the environment, which is based on motivated clients, faith and satisfied in and over the country. It also contribute to the society´s development thanks to the ecologic truism program which let spread natural and cultural Ecuadorian wealth.  His staff, highly motivated and qualified, always act aimed to a constant practice of value.



To form an harmonious staff of collaborators able to interact into an harmonious environment with their customers, inmate or external, dealing with a deep respectful behavior to  nature and human being, using flowers and ornament plants beauty as the most effective way to bring happiness at home.






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